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Originally Posted by Piotr74656 View Post
I don't know..., I live in San Francisco where majority of 3 series drivers are kids and that makes the car much less appealing to me but the F10 on the other hand is very classy and I can defiantly see myself driving one. Like I mentioned in my original post though, that is just my opinion.
Nothing wrong with the F10 at all, especially in sport or M5 gear.

As for the 3 series, if it drives and handles to my liking, then I don't care if Grandma or Junior are driving the same car as me.
I know that I am driving it for it's overall competence and goodness as a sport sedan, whereas most 3 drivers are driving it cause it has a "BMW" logo on it. For that reason there is a huge difference between "us" and "them".

Most 3's in the Chicago area are non sport models, and most are 328i non sport models, with quite a few 328xi's. Nothing wrong with these models, but they are not the versions that most enthusiasts get.
328i and 335i sport models are much rarer and are generally bought by those who appreciate the sport side of BMW.

If I had the fundage for an F10 M5, I could care less what the new 3 looks like, cause I'd be configuring a new M5 instead of posting on here.
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