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Originally Posted by bmrm396 View Post
... and because everyone can jump from a 3-series to a new M5. Seriously?
I never said everyone can jump from a 3 series to a M5 but jumping from a 3 series to a 5 series does not cost much. Considering that navigation comes standard with the 5 series, a base 528i costs about the same as a base 335i with navigation and a base 535i costs roughly $6,000 more than a base 335i with navigation. Which means that with a premium increase of approximately 11%, you can jump from your 335i to a comparably equipped 535i.

Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
Nothing wrong with the F10 at all, especially in sport or M5 gear.

As for the 3 series, if it drives and handles to my liking, then I don't care if Grandma or Junior are driving the same car as me.
I know that I am driving it for it's overall competence and goodness as a sport sedan, whereas most 3 drivers are driving it cause it has a "BMW" logo on it. For that reason there is a huge difference between "us" and "them".

Most 3's in the Chicago area are non sport models, and most are 328i non sport models, with quite a few 328xi's. Nothing wrong with these models, but they are not the versions that most enthusiasts get.
328i and 335i sport models are much rarer and are generally bought by those who appreciate the sport side of BMW.

If I had the fundage for an F10 M5, I could care less what the new 3 looks like, cause I'd be configuring a new M5 instead of posting on here.

That is exactly what I will be doing once the configuration is up and running on

Originally Posted by sf_loft View Post
+1 in SF

When your typical college grad in software makes $80-100k/yr straight out of school, leasing a $400/month car is not an issue. You also live in SF where 30% of the population are Asian. It is a known fact that in Asian culture, status is very important. Your observation is a combination of high tech, a highly educated work force, culture, and those pressured to "fit in". I don't think I've been to many places where there are so many IS, C, G, A4 and 3 cars running around. It is also amazing to see how many E and 5 series vehicles are in the area.

Marin is even worse then San Francisco though. Their nickname for BMWs is "Basic Marin Wheels" which I find pretty funny.
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