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Originally Posted by darksilkx1 View Post
That makes sense if your priority is more what other people think and less the actual enjoyment of the vehicle and driving experience. You didn't add that with the F10 there is also the weight penalty over the F30 which is significant considering they both have the same engine. You also have to be willing to deal with the well publicized lack of steering feel in the F10. Don't know about you but I would rather spend 55k on a loaded 3series that actually drives like a BMW, than a lightly optioned 5 series at the same price that looks great but drives like a Lexus ES.

I personally don't give a rip who drives what I drive. I drive what I can afford and they should too. Unless you are in a Veyron or Pagani you are bound to see folks in the same car as you so why loose any sleep?
You make some very good points but I personally like a cars that are well balanced. If maximum driving experience was top priority however, then I would not even consider a loaded 3 series because I can get a loaded 1 series M for the same price.

I also "don't give a rip who drives what I drive" but I look fairly young for my age and people always assume that the e92 was a graduation present from my parents which is starting to get to me. Haha...
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