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Originally Posted by Propagator View Post
His stupid comments on the steering makes me think that this guy actually doesn't know much about cars, and is basically faking it. He seems to be sticking to a narrative that the E90 was more luxury oriented and the F30 is sportier, and that would happen if you are trying to repeat what you heard from other people, but too stupid to repeat it correctly.
I'm not a big fan of this guy, but in this case that rhetoric applies perfectly to these two cars. I've spent a lot of time behind the wheel of various W204 c classes (C300s, a C350 coupe and a couple C63s) and they are undoubtedly great cars but if you are into enthusiastic driving, they cannot be compared to their BMW counterparts. The steering, even on the AMG, is way too light and doesn't even really feel connected to the front wheels. Interestingly, on the new C coupe, the steering rack is so quick that I kept finding myself turning in WAY harder than I meant to and would have to back off my steering angle.

With respect to his comment on hydraulic steering, he did say "assist" and obviously he is wrong about that but I think he was trying to say that the variable sports steering is now mechanical compared to the E90 generation's Active Steering which used an electric motor.

Also, interesting to note that some E90s came with hydraulic steering while others seem to have electric power steering. I looked around realoem for a bit and couldn't figure out why some cars had EPS and some were hydraulic but it looks like it became increasingly common on later year cars?