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And where does the OP state he has M Sport Brakes on his 2015 F33 420d?

The OP pic doesn't show that.

The OP states it came with 17" wheels.

Why is he trying to change a F33 Blue Caliper for a F82 Blue Caliper?

The fact still remains that the Master Brake Cylinder in the OP's car will not sufficiently power the F82 Brakes, which is what I originally stated.
I never said that the OP had M Sport brakes?

It was you that stated:

"The master brake cylinder in the F82 is stronger than in the F3x."

This is not true, as evidenced by the links on the thread, where many cars optioned with M Sport brakes from factory share the same master.

However, it would seem (from looking further since this discussion) that some of the lower powered petrol models do indeed not have the ///M master even when optioned with the ///M brakes. However, this is further proof that the M brakes are compatible with either master!!

I also assume you are aware that BMW sell the M Performance brakes for the F3x range? These are the 370/380 4 pots and 345 2 pots, identical to the ///M calipers.

This retrofit kit does not include a master cylinder upgrade from BMW....
The subject of thread was an OP asking a question.

I gave the correct information for his retrofit he needed to know, no matter how you try to justify your response.

I did not have MSport Brakes on my 2013 and upon retrofit, the brakes have severe fade as the Master Cylinder does not have the power needed. This was corrected by retrofitting the Master Brake Cylinder and Brake Servo Unit from a F8x vehicle.

Real first hand experience.
Maybe you just had a duff master cylinder.. I run the 370/380mm calipers on my 2007 1 Series coupe track car it definitely doesn't have an f80 master cylinder.. Works great... 1st hand experience....
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