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Originally Posted by rocko911 View Post
Spending $1000+ just for a small bump in HP and not making much of a difference in performance wont make sense then. Its better to get feedback and a proper review of the PPK before purchasing it. Any other alternative besides PPK and not voiding warranty?

I am in a way that thinking out if your 335i is with this powerkit on, although just 20 hps can be gained, once you put a piggyback/flash on your car, the piggyback/flash if counting like increasing the power by %, for example 20% for Stage 1, mean :

306 X 1.2 (20%) = 367
326 X 1.2 (20%) = 391

so in Stage 2 let's say 25% increment, by requiring you install IC + DP, IC + DP let's say can gain 40 hps basically, that would be : -

346 x 1.25 = 433
366 x 1.25 = 458

The above just my personal estimation, I just think about whether the N55 engine with PPK can get more boost than just N55 w/o PPK IF both with piggyback or flash, if so, the above hps number won't just 366 if IC & DP added.