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Originally Posted by bimmerjph View Post
Scott the lack of demand for sports cars is a marketing thing. You have to make people want the sports cars. Just letting them sell themselves like BMW does with the 3,5, and 7 won't work. This is because barely any sports car purchases are done rationally. Therefore sports cars must be marketed heavily. And not in a logos way, but using pathos. Jaguar understands this and have done a fantastic job marketing the F-Type, and I guarantee you they will be rewarded for their efforts. BMW seems to not even want to try. The last time I saw an ad for the Z4 was the art one right after it was released over 4 years ago. Then ya'll act surprised when it doesn't sell well. Another problem is that many dealers do not have Z4's in stock, and when they do they are way off to the side. Instead they should be the first car you see going into the dealership. Because they are the best representation of the brands values in design, engineering, and quality.
So true. Some body styles (e.g. roadsters), some models (e.g. M models), some specific cars (e.g. E46 M3 CSL, E92 M3 GTS, 1M) are not developed and marketed by BMW because they make pure straightforward commercial sense, even if they don't make BMW lose money in absolute, they make less sense than most regular models to engineer, produce and sell so why everyone raves about these type of cars even years after their production ends? Because they are the ones which hit the jackpot, the ones who make most people consider BMW badge and its usually higher price tag vs. competition as justified, that's why. They make every other BMW model sell more, as long as clients believe that there is something essential in common with those halo models, so that a BMW salesman can argue that an X1 or X3 makes sense to purchase even if they don't offer best interior space or price/performance, he can claim that because it has typical BMW driving dynamics price is justified. That's the single most important thing a company which has been developing its brand image on sportiveness for generations can not afford to lose. Risking it this recklessly on a niche market like small roadster segment is plain suicidal behaviour.

Why do you think that Alfa Romeo is developing 4C and will bring it to US market too? In order to sell hundreds of thousands of them? Of course not, to sell all the other regular fwd models in big numbers and last time I checked it would be an affordable mid engine, superlight construction, RWD compact coupe and roadster, very expensive to develop but relatively affordable to buy. No other Alfa models will be mid engined or rwd, but with a few things shared with that breathtaking 4C most people will find excuses to buy a hatchback, sedan or crossover Alfa. Isn't this how it works in the auto industry? What really changed now?

Also does this mean that we might see M division will find itsef building fwd M-Performance or even "real" M models in the future like it already did with xdrives and diesels?
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