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Originally Posted by tdizzle View Post
Check these out:

JL makes some great stuff. Usually, you'd want to mount them in the trunk if you were really going serious but depending on your needs, you could potentially mount these low profile versions under the seats and that may give you what you're looking for. Usually, the best bet is to go custom, but there are also tons of 'custom' enclosures for each type of car, normally fitting in the trunk for cars. It's the ideal solution for sound and ease of mounting but you do lose a bit of trunk space if that's a concern.
Yes JL of course
I don't mind sacrificing trunk space.

This is what I have in mind:
1) Swap out the amplifier with a better amp.
2) Swap out the OEM under seat 8" woofers with better quality shallow mount subs, dedicated to just mid bass (from 150Hz to 60Hz)
3) Install a dedicated true sub-woofer in the trunk, that will handle low bass (25Hz-60Hz)
4) Would also like the sound to be flattened out using some kind of parametric equalization.
5) I might also upgrade the mid range and the tweeters, but that's lower priority.

Yes, I know that all this will run much more that my initial $1000 budget.

Problem is that I don't want any wires cut and the installation should be reversible to original OEM setup if needed. I know it is possible. Problem is that I don't know of any reputed/capable audio store in Phoenix that can do all this.