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Originally Posted by speedf View Post
So, BMW now have a final answer for me. Quote "the DAB radio does switch from a DAB to FM radio station when the DAB signal is lost on non-BBC stations".
Hmmmm. Personally, I don't believe this since I've never observed the radio switching from DAB to FM on any station - non-BBC or otherwise. I know it's not a "signal strength" issues, as two other cars with DAB fall-back to FM quite happily in the locations where my BMW doesn't. As suspected I don't believe the BMW actually has this functionality. Very disappointed and feeling let down by BMW - who assured me this feature was present before I bought the car.
Thought I'd resurrect this thread as I've noticed my radio switches between DAB and FM flawlessly and also for BBC stations. Very happy with that, on the X5 there was a 2 second jump when it switched but on the F30 it isn't noticeable.