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428i vs 328i Estoril Blue M Sports (Now with profile shots!)

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2013-12-08 UPDATE

Got a lot of feedback asking for some profile shots of the cars so here they are.
I think it's easy to say the cars look alike when my shots were mostly of the front/back and the M-sport bumpers aren't too different so maybe these will change some minds.



Also a quick comparison pic between the Xenons on the F30 and the LED headlights on the F32. Lowbeams are on for both.


I recently got a Estoril Blue 428i and haven't sold my previous car yet.
I took the older car in for service and they gave me... an Estoril Blue 328i loaner.

Therefore, comparison time!

I think I like the F30 bumper a little more, particularly the sharper angle/drop adjacent to the center opening.

Name:  f30-f32-comparo1.jpg
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The rear bumper on the F32 is much rounder.

Name:  f30-f32-comparo2.jpg
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Slightly due to perspective/angle, but the F32 is noticeably longer.

Name:  f30-f32-comparo3.jpg
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The loaner came with gloss black kidney grilles. Can't say I'm a fan on this color...

Name:  f30-f32-comparo4.jpg
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Angle again, but you can see how the F32 is shorter (vertically) and rounder.

Name:  f30-f32-comparo5.jpg
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From other side. (Excuse the weird HDR-ness of this picture)

Name:  f30-f32-comparo6.jpg
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The other significant difference with the front bumper is that the F32 has those slits on the sides. If someone has a better name for this please let me know. (God I hate those side markers)

Name:  f30-f32-comparo7.jpg
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I should note that the interior on both cars are exactly the same.

Overall, it looks every much as different from the sedan like the e92 did from the e90. All in all, I'm very happy with the F32.

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