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Originally Posted by gerbs View Post
I see your point. So why are there four doors? If I recall correctly, the 6 Gran Coupe, with it's extended roofline, is a joke in the rear seats and can't really seat people comfortably back there (with regards to headroom).

It's purely for style then? The 4 doors that is.
To put it in perspective 6GC has more space in the back than a 3 series coupe, so it is a useable space. But compared to the 6-er Coupe - the 6GC is cavernous, the 6-er coupe has the least space in the back, even less than a 1-er coupe.

The 4GC will offer more space in the back than the Coupe, and it will be sleeker than the standard bread and butter saloon ... it's simply for people that like the look of the coupe more than the saloon, but need the praticality of 4 doors and maybe an inch of exra head room in the back.

According to rear headrooms as follows:

6-er Coupe 908mm
3-er Coupe 930mm
6-er GC 941mm
1-er Coupe 943mm
X6 946mm
3-er Saloon 957mm
5-er Saloon 973mm
5GT 991mm