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Originally Posted by earlfocht View Post
We're trying to order a 335 GT for my wife. (Finally got to see and drive a 3GT — regardless of the controversial appearance, they're going to sell a ton of these things because they're a fantastic balance of space and practicality vs. size. And in person, it looks much smaller and more tasteful than a Crosstour or 5GT.)

We're trying to get the exterior as Deep Sea Blue, which isn't available on the 3GT (but it's still offered on the 1, 6, X1, X6, Z4). I had also inquired earlier about whether we could get any "line" exceptions, such as Sport with all-black seats (no red stitching) or M-Sport in a color that's not officially offered in M-Sport (such as Midnight Blue or Imperial Blue).

One salesman told me none of these were possible.

One salesman told me we could get "custom paint", from any color BMW has, for $5,000.

One salesman told me this was done through Individual, but I can't find anything supporting that.

Lots of cars posted on forums like this (the botched Atlantic/Atlantis M3 last month, the trio of all-Sakhir M5/M6's the other day) seem to have individual customization. But on BMW's site, "Individual" seems to just be a small number of pre-selected additional colors on each model. (Another salesman told me that's all Individual could do, too.)

Who's right? What does Individual actually do, and what are my options here?

(And yes, my wife's happiness with her color choice is actually worth $5,000. Because that means I won't have to drive a Lexus marshmallow or a rented SUV this winter instead. Trust me, it's worth it.)
Salesman #2. It is not a normal process and I would bet 99% of salespeople wouldn't know about custom ordering. Individual has a specific set of 'individual' colors (that are not available on the 3 series anyway). Truly custom paint typically adds around a month to a build.

The cost to do the interior and exterior could be signifigant, but it is certainly possible. There is no set price, we email BMW, and a few days later they email a cost depending on the color you choose, how much of it they need to use, and how busy the line is (the lost production time as they shut everything down to load your color).

You are not just limited to the colors BMW has on other cars. You can send a color sample and say "make it close to this" although this would add to the cost. You could add frost.

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