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Originally Posted by nvy View Post
ok someone please walk me through this. Im using Windows 7 32bit.
1. I have EDIABAS install per the instructions.
2. I have ENET cable from One-Stop-Electronics
3. I changed change FSC.bat to "0x2D ox08"
4. I have North America Premium 2014-2 extracted on flash drive.

What now? Do i just connect the eNet cable to the car and USB to the laptop? Any left to configure?
Follow the instructions in the video here:

Basic Steps:

1. Read the navi FSC using the swid_reader.
2. Disconnect your latptop from the car (it's no longer needed).
3. Decode the FSC code using the supplied b64dec tool.
4. Feed the decoded fsc code to fsc.exe along with the region (0x2d) and map sequence code (0x08 for NA Premium 2014-2).
5. This will output the "short" FSC code for your car.
6. Plug the USB stick with the maps into the glovebox USB port with the ignition on.
7. The car will say that an updated map is available. Click OK and it will prompt you to enter the short FSC via iDirve.
8. Enter the code output by the FSC generator and if everything is good, it will start loading.