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Originally Posted by fhaze3 View Post
Curious...I have started reading up on this stuff.

I work in IT and am very often working 12-18 hour days. Lots of thinking, troubleshooting at odd hours. Not to mention having to put in many consecutive hours doing tedious detailed documentation.

I mostly try caffeine (coffee or tea) but not daily, and just have some standard vitamins and B12's.

I think modafinil might fit the bill but am open to suggestions, not sure how to go about acquiring some. Any tips? PM is fine if necessary.
Hi, I've just read your post.

Doctors typically prescribe Modafinil to treat the following; narcolepsy, jet lag, or adult ADHD.

Just a heads up insurance companies typically ask you try adderall which I find to work well in some cases before paying for modafinil in any form. I paid out of pocket.

I remember reading this article when I was first learning;

Good luck

Ow side not you may just want to try a nice cup of Bulletproof Coffee before Modafinil it seemed to really turn my brain back on. This is likely due to the ketones from the MCT oil.

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