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Powder coated brake calipers installation complete--Full thread here

I have wanted anM performance BBK for a while, but finally found a set used for a price that didn't cause a divorce. I originally wanted the Orange, but all the good prices were on what BMW calls Yellow...I called gold. I wanted something that made the car stand out and be different than the majority of BMW's on the road. I thought about doing orange, but since that is a BMW color, I chose Porsche Yellow. I did some research on which powder is closest to it, since Porsche like BMW paints their calipers. I bought the powder and learned on the fly since I had never powder coated before. I knew I needed to learn since I got a powder coating kit as a Christmas gift from my wife. One of my buddies media blasted the calipers for me. I ordered heat resistant decals for the calipers and started.

The best thing about powder coating is if you don't like how it looks before you cure it in the oven (not kitchen oven you use for food), you can get compressed air and blow the powder off and start over...and I did on 3 of the 4 calipers!

So anyway, I think they turned out great and here are the results and some progress pictures.

Front Caliper after media blasting--Nice and clean surface

First caliper curing in the oven

First caliper cooling down after oven cure

Decal installed before clear coat

Cooling after the clear oven cure

All 4 Calipers finished awaiting install

Installing with the help (he did it all) of a friend

Front calipers installed!

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