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Originally Posted by sspade View Post
Thanks. Happy to have gotten it done.

Definitely not a fake, bought from a forum sponsor.

Hoping I didn't install wrong! I guess Ill find out this afternoon... is there really much you can mess up? The one part I found odd was the instructions saying to remove the yellow o-ring from stock unit and then I ended up putting it right back in the same spot a few steps later... is this correct!? Better to find out now while everything is a part. I assembled it exactly as the picture diagram showed. Another question... on the DV+ that you slide into place first... what keeps the main piston (red) from falling out? Just kinda felt like I laid it in there and hope for the best. Does that make sense?! Might not be describing it well... I did lube the main piston as well like instructions said.

About to attempt the charge pipe / TIC and FMIC install by myself (with wife nearby for moral support). Might have to call my neighbor over...

Any last minute tips or recommendations from anyone? Are there any DIY's or step by step PDFs from manufacturers for either CP/TIC or FMIC installs?

Just kinda been winging it so far.
It'd be hard to install it wrong lol. Once you have the FMIC in, don't be surprised if you get the flutter lol.. If you're tuned as well.

Originally Posted by sap1000 View Post
i've just had to replace my turbo as i had really bad waste gate rattle, i fitted the dv+ at the same time. i haven't been able to drive the car yet as i have ended up with some electrical problems. i have the mishimoto intake aswell.
one thing i noticed on the standard bov was that it would release boost even on gentle throttle causing the car to bog down, i hope now that i have a new turbo and the dv+ that this will have been resolved.
i will be interested to see the difference as i have had a remap done and i don't think the old turbo was upto the job.
You will see that go away for sure. DV+ holds boost really well and safely.

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