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I have around 3000 miles on new transfer case. Obviously no problems yet, the original one lasted over 85k miles and wasn't 'finished' yet.

I will be pulling the driveshaft down to install the rubber flex disk (giubo) soon, so I can inspect how it's holding up.

Lots of city driving will accelerate the wear and failures, while highway miles protect it.

I agree when you said that xdelete won't help, because I have been running full 2wd mode for quite a while (using an alternative method to xdelete), and it didn't really help.

I've gotta pull the original TC out of the box in the garage and take close up pics with it cleaned. The wear pattern really suggests vibration wear.
I can also have my dad test the flange for hardness with his new tester, but I don't expect it to lead to many conclusions. It's obvious the flange is softer than the shaft, and you'd want it that way.

I expect all the dealer transfer case replacements have sent the worn transfer cases to BMW or ATC for rebuild.

Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking of methods to soften the engine torque at idle speeds (in the ecu tune) to prevent the vibrations while car is in drive and stopped. I have a few tricks to try.

It's interesting that the manual xdrive 4-cyl cars from Europe aren't reporting much of this.
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