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Got this done last night. May have gone a lil heavy... Had a little unexpected loctite oozed out into the groove for the flange retaining ring. That was fun to clean out! I used the primer on shaft and flange and it appears it hastens the curing process quite a bit. The loctite had gotten clumpy in the groove in the 15 minutes or so spent before I came up with a way to clean it out. Probably spent 2 hours trying to comfort myself that it was all out and that the ring was fully seated lol. Though with that loctite it probably shouldn't be able to move anyways.

We'll see how it holds up, the flange teeth looked pretty good for 25k. Did the rubber guibo as well. For getting the bearing protrusion distance right I grabbed a drill bit with a 4.75mm diameter (spec'd range was 4+2mm), made that job pretty easy. Original distance was about 7-8mm.

I was starting to feel a little hiccup when starting from a dead stop, Dont know if it was the guibo, the loctite, or both, but that seems to be gone. Only have put a few miles on so far though.
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