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Does anyone know the proper way to do a transmission adaption reset on our auto box ZF8? After this cat delete, my car seems to hold its gears longer, I tried ECO PRO, comfort and sport+, they all held gears for some reason and refuse to shift up, at very light throttle, my car in eco pro always shifted at 2.1k or 2.2k, now it hold the gear to almost 3k. So I want to do a throttle reset, I searched and people have said turn car on, hold gas for 30 seconds, turn car off, wait 2 mins then turn on, but many have said this did not work, does anyone actually know the proper way to reset our transmission shift points ? I'm going to look into bimmercode expert mode to see if I can code the reset there, any help is appreciated. Thanks !

P.S: I went for a "spirited drive" tonight, and there's still no CEL. The new acceleration is fun and worth it. It's just the transmission now goes "wtf, car feels different, I'm lost! When do I shift?"
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