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Originally Posted by iconoclast View Post
If this is anything like October '98 then you are absolutely right.

The only thing I am curious about is why they would declare these statements before seeing or hearing what the transcripts disclose tomorrow.

This may be the political equivalent of calling "uno" too soon and it winds up hurting you more than your opponent.
What has been announced so far is an impeachment inquiry. Essentially, they are giving legal weight to the investigations they've been conducting thus far, but have only been met with stonewalling.

Based on the outcome of this inquiry and the connected investigations the house can then vote on Articles of Impeachment which will list specific charges on crimes they allege the President has committed. At that point the Senate can hold its own hearings on the charges and evidence presented from the house to determine if they see it as sufficient to convict and/or remove the President from office.

Irrespective of your political stance I can't see how anyone can be OK with the stonewalling from the White House in these congressional inquires. If there is nothing but a witch hunt occurring then the best thing to do would be to give the requested evidence then let it reveal the absurdity of the claims, but what has been done so far is setting very troubling precedents if left unchecked.

Unfortunately, our country seems to have descended into sports or something . Nothing seems to matter as long as the other team loses. Except... The only people losing is all of us .