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Originally Posted by ViperJa View Post
2016 340i with 63k miles

so far I've had the following most of it was prior to 50k so BMW covered it:
  • Front and Rear Pads (they re-surfaced the rotors)
  • Spark Plugs
  • Install MPPK
  • Changed all 4 tires

looking to have an indy change/flush transmission fluid

knock on wood, haven't had any issues aside from adding in coolant twice.
BMW covered changing the tires? I have a 2016 340 as well 61k miles. No issues but did have to add coolant at 8k miles. Had low oil after an oil change they must have underfilled it as they mainly work in 328 and 330 cars. They also did spark plugs at one point. Also had the brakes done. I think they may have just resurfaced them rather than replace and they should probably replace them but they have been saying it is fine. I would say reliability is as good as any car I've owned.