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Originally Posted by Linc0909 View Post
No I speak with over 16 yrs of working experience IN the automotive field. I am a certified Engine Builder, I hold a certification from Mid Florida Technical Institute for Engine assembly and performance, I am also ASE certified in engine performance and repair (among other certifications)
AKA, worked on your neighbors lawn mower. Let's even assume everything you say is 100% true, it only serves to discredit the validity and legitimacy of those "certifications" due to the willful ignorance and misinformation you spew on this forum.
Originally Posted by Linc0909 View Post
Unlike YOU who barely has enough knowledge or dexterity to start your neighbors lawn mower, respectively go fuck your self ������
And every line you type only proves my points further. Zero relevance or substance to your claims followed by a toddler like reaction. In an effort to maintain the subject at hand and not allow you to derail, our bullets so far are -

Timing chain/guide failure IS a verified issue. No debate considering BMW has confirmed this themselves.
  • Chicken or egg - whether the chain stretching or guides failing are the root cause is yet to be 100% determined
  • Slack in the chain doesn't really indicate anything
  • Cost for a shop to replace is pretty significant, roughly $2000-$3000 usd.
  • Some have distinct symptoms before failure, some see/hear nothing at all
  • Lincs anecdotal inaccurate misinformed opinions can be ignored

I think I've covered most if not all the important points...
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