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I know someone who swapped an SMG for MT on his E46 but haven't heard any MT swap on an F series yet.
AFAIK, SMG to full manual on the E46 M3 is not that big of a deal because the SMG is actually a manual gearbox underneath...basically just have to delete the electronic stuff and fit a clutch/shift lever, I think. Plus, it makes some sense in that SMGs sell for substantially less than manual E46 M3s, so you might actually SAVE money going that route. ZF is a slushbox auto so the whole transmission would have to be swapped. That plus all the control modules and coding that would have to be sorted out makes this a foolish proposition.

Parts, labor, and time without the makes WAY more sense to sell the auto and buy a manual.
you need a new trans on the e46 m3 manual swap too.

I think you can do a manual swap for cheap in the f30/2 for like 5k or so. the codes are in the ECU for a manual.
What do you mean codes are in the ecu for manual? So what would I have to do to code the ecu to let it know it's manual transmission?
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