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I am a bit confused.
Most of the folks on here are US / Canada and have petrol 35i engines with xdrive have done the x delete.
You are turning off the traction control and getting lots of wheel spin back end moving out and this is of course a safety issue.
Over here BMW will only sell the 335d in xdrive in am led to believe because they think the torque is too much for rwd only from a safety perspectve.
Over here in the UK we have lots of 340i engines running only rwd as stock. BMW seem happy to sell these that people can run without the traction control. So I am at a loss why the 335i engines from an xdrive with xdelete are felt to behave so badly and as they are surely just behaving like a 340i with the traction off that BMW build? The fault to my mind is not removing the x drive but removing the x drive and turning traction off.
Maybe I am missing something?