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Has that swap been completed?

I know the VAG line-up had different crankshafts where you could not physically mate up a manual onto an auto engine.

OP, keep us posted 5 years down the road.
The first test drive happened today or yesterday.

There is no comparison between the auto and manual. The auto will be far superior, going from a mt f30 335 to an auto f30 340 i was an idiot for hunting a manual. With the (deletable) cdv, auto rev match and long throw, there is no " being more connected" with it. And then you can get the auto trans tuned and its even better again.
Auto rev match? I have a 2015 335i xdrive 6MT. How does the auto rev match work?

By the way, with the CDV removed, ultimate clutch pedal, and lots of clutch stop spacers the clutch throw is down to half of what it was stock. Just ordered a raceseng shift knob to try to cut down on shifter throw. Overall I'm happy with the car.