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I've managed to convince my dealer to log this with BMW UK. They took a similar position to Ric124 until I pointed out that I had personally witnessed this behaviour on two different vehicles and that perhaps taking this seriously and doing some investigation into their code might be the correct course of action before they get a bunch of owners claiming back for lost fuel (because diesel is so cheap in the UK...).

Fairly simple thing to fix really, code it such that the double lock (which most of us do to fold the mirrors) completely disables the start function and/or turns off the vehicle. I can understand the logic behind letting you lock a running vehicle (winter, etc.) and I can also understand not doing a key check as part of AS/S as this would slow it down. Could equally use the driver's seat occupancy sensor - it really shouldn't autostart the car unless the driver is seated? Perhaps with seatbelt on as well?

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