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This is probably caused through a software bug. My assumption is that A.S.S. is controlled software reacting to sensors. The problem here could be due to a routine not asked when a certain situation occurs (in this case engine is going to start when temperature in passenger compartment exceeds a certain limit set in the climate control). Since micknugget stated the following:

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I had the exact thing happen to me the other day. I went into Blockbuster and when I came out, my car was running. Since it was hot out I am guessing the engine refired due to the cabin temp??? Whatever it was, i though that the A.S.S. was supposed to not restart the car once the door was opened? Weird.
The manual says that in certain situations the A.S.S. will start the engine again if e.g.
  • windshield is fogging,
  • pass. comp. temp. is getting too high or too low,
  • steering is initiated,
  • changing gear of automatic trans,
  • car is beginning to roll,
  • car battery is going to be drained etc.

The manual also states the engine will not start again after A.S.S. is initiated when
  • seatbelt is off and door opened
  • engine hood is opened

Sooo to come to a conclusion in this case my assumption is that when the engine is starting again due to high temp. in pass. compartment the software is not checking again if seatbelt is off OR door is opened OR key fob is in range. I myself am a software engineer and I can confirm this is a common mistake in implementing routines.