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Originally Posted by jwickers View Post
Yes this has been posted quite a few time. But the sensors are able to "locate" the FOB relatively accurately so it is quite easy to separate the case "FOB disappeared while driving" and "FOB walked out of the door while the car is parked and engine stopped".

Regarding ASS restarts, clearly it should not restart without the FOB in the car anyway.
Well my thought process is that if it's true the sensors are able to pick up the FOB accurately even if the battery is dead, they wouldn't have required you to touch your key FOB to the side of the steering wheel when the battery on the FOB is dead in order to start you car.

On your comments about the ASS restart.... that would be true if the car was turned to Off to begin with. Since it wasn't turned off but merely in the "Ready" position, it would still restart. The reason being, if I am correct on my theory (about FOB not detected because battery being dead and car not immediately shutting down), it would be silly for the driver to have to touch the FOB to the side of the steering wheel every time ASS kicks in.

Therefore, it's not really a fault (car not shutting off when FOB not in range), but its designed that way. However, the issue of ASS not turning the engine Off when seatbelt and car door opens is clearly a fault.