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Originally Posted by Jtrevill
Anyone know if the only way to tow a 2012 328i has to be towed on a flat trailer, or if a tow dolly can be used? Looking to pull behind a motor home and looking for options...
I actually used to be in the towing industry when I was putting myself through college. If the 328i your speaking of is awd then it must be on a flat bed or car trailer. If its rwd and you plan on putting it on a dolly. I wouldn't recommend it. I have seen them fail many times. Having the rear wheels on the ground rolling is no good for the tranny. If its a short distance you can do that but the car must be running. In order to do it properly with the rear wheels on the ground the drive shaft would how've to be removed. A good option is a car trailer from Uhaul or similar type rental place. That's pretty much all your options.