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Originally Posted by mntbiker View Post
FWIW, the rear RFTs on my car wore out in about 8k miles. Because of the M sport staggered setup on my car, I can't rotate them so they wear out a lot faster. I swapped out all 4 tires for non-RFTs and put 22k miles on those rears! (Granted, they are a Max Performance All Season Tire vs. Summer.) In a few months i'll put my original front RFTs back on the car with some new rears before turn in.

For my next lease I will definitely swap out my RFTs around 2-3k miles and save them until I need to turn the car in. The Performance tire shop that I went to actually said that many of their BMW customers swap out the RFTs immediately on the new cars and save them.
Wow...I guess I have no perspective for tire life, that's crazy. Are you chirping tires and drifting turns or that's just everyday driving? I suppose there's a gray area, but still, that's pretty short tire life on a presumably expensive OEM tire.