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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
The coupe may be different, but there is no reason to think so.
Maybe they will keep it more "sporty" and leave it with hydraulic steering.
That would be cool.

Honestly this whole light steering thing is getting old.
Look, all you need to do it put the silly beyond silly drive mode in "sport".
Then, the effort gets heavier and it's nearly as heavy as previous models.
It's not as heavy, but pretty close.

Saying it's like a Buick clearly shows you were not in sport mode.
Since it's so easy to correct, why bother with the complaint as if there is no way out of it.

I don't understand your worry about confidence in turns with this steering.
Everyone who has tested this steering comments on the lightness in non sport mode. Yet, everyone also loves how direct and accurate the steering is. Even if the effort is light, and electric assist dampens some feel, the steering is still accurate, meaning, as long as you're maintaining control of the wheel the car will go where you point it.

I've never had a car with an accurate fuel gauge.
I only use it to see when it's almost empty to let me know it's time to fill up.

The seat comfort issue is very important. You need to be comfortable.
The non sport seats suck, that's all.
I too like to put my left leg like you describe from time to time.
I find that I have to get used to every new car I get as they are built for the general public.
The new sport seats are very comfortable and for me, a MUST have.
By and large I agree with your points. And it would be beyond cool if they keep the F32's sporty steering feel, yet I know you are right that one has no reason to think they would. My sole source of hope that it feels a bit tighter is that the E92 I have does feel a good deal tighter than does the E90 328s my kid and cousin have, as well as the 335 sedan I got once as a loaner.

You are right also about sport mode and the steering. I didn't know this until spending a whole day with the car, driving where and as I drive in all three modes for a good long time period, but you are right. I really don't (didn't ever, really) take issue with the way the car actually handles. That too is fine and always has been.

The regular seats themselves, for me are fine; I genuinely have no objection to them, and I have the sport seats in my E92. It truly is just the placement of that driver's side door pull. That's really more my fault than the car's, but as someone on the thread noted, I'm unlikely to change how I position my left leg. But I damn sure won't buy a car that physically hurts me, regardless of whether it's my fault or the car's. But that's me, not the car so much, and I know that. That said, I've not ever in 30+ years had the same problem with any other car.

Today was my first time with the car for a protracted period of time that allowed me to really become familiar with it. I can say that an hour or two really isn't enough.

I recall that when I went from my '89 Accord coupe to my E36, it took 3 minutes to know I liked the feel of the E36 better. And when I considered an E46 while I still had my E36, I felt the E46 was too soft. Now when I finally did relinquish my E36 and got the E92, again, I knew in 3 minutes or so that I would love the E92.

Going forward, I would, to the E9x nay-sayers, suggest they spend a day with an F30, even a base model loaner, before passing final judgement. The car, as a driver's car, does acquit itself of the "hype," but not in an hour, probably not in two hours, and certainly not in the 20 minutes of the typical test drive a dealer will give. But in this day of errand running and just checkin' it out driving, I like the F30 enough to get one if I need to. It is a nice, pleasing car to drive. And like its predecessors, the base model is quite fine just as it is, although for myself, I would get the sport line (or if BMW offer Estoril Blue seats on it, the M Sport).


I am, as I've said elsewhere on the forum, one who buys and keeps cars for 10+ years, provided they are still functioning well and in good order. However, if my e92 goes South for some reason, I won't have any reservation about getting a F32. (...pending the issue with my knee and the door pull, which may differ with the coupe...)

Also, in my own defense, I never, neither in my thread, nor others' threads, said the steering's less communicative feel is something I couldn't get past. I only said I don't care for it, and in every spot where I said that, I also said I could live with it. Indeed, the steering topic is by now hackneyed, to say the least.

I mentioned the damned steering because it truly shocked me that it literally was the very first thing Dad said about the car. The man normally drives a big ass S Class MB; I would never in a million years have guessed he'd have had that as his very first comment.

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