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Sport Auto test: Mercedes CLS63 AMG looses agaisnt the facelifted BMW M5

Courtesy of Gustav.

From German Sport Auto.

The Mercedes CLS63 AMG had the optional Performance Package with larger brakes and wheels.

Time Hockenheim

M5: 1m 16,8 s
CLS63 AMG: 1m 18,5 s

Mercedes is unprecize and the M5 have higher entrance speed.

Base price
M5: 92 500
CLS63 AMG: 104 720

0-100 km/h
M5: 4,7 s
CLS63 AMG 4,7 s

0-200 km/h
M5: 14,3
CLS63 AMG: 15,4 s

18 m slalom
M5: 66 km/h
CLS63 AMG: 61,9 km/h

Minimal fuelcunsumption
M5: 1,34 l/ 10 km
CLS63 AMG: 1,45 l/10 km

Maximal fuelconsumption
M5: 2,14 l/10 km
CLS63 AMG: 2,28 l/10 km

Average fuelconsumption
M5: 1,64 l/ 10 km
CLS63 AM: 17,7l/10 km

Total sum of points:

BMW M5: 46
CLS63 AMG: 36

The largets difference between the points where the Slalom track, where BMW M5 got 8/10 and Mercedes 2/10. Also, despite the Performance Package upgraded brakes on the CLS63 AMG it receives 5/10 for braking 100-0 meters, as opposed to the M5 which receives 8/10. Mercedes looses points vs the M5 in categories Hockenheim, price/performance ratio and Driving fun. The only category which the BMW M5 looses to the CLS63 AMG is everydaydriving with one point, where Mercedes receives 9/10 and BMW 8/10.