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Originally Posted by svache View Post
I understand that and that's perfectly fine. But in the end that is a personal choice, and that's a bit that bothers me because, while it is a personal choice, the 328i's constantly gets bashed for being a lesser car.

I know that this is happening both ways, and basically that's not right either. But that's also why I said, in the end we both drive a Bimmer and that's all that should really matter. One cares more for the sound, the other more for handling. One may have more funds available than the other. All basically making the choice of the car a personal one, still in the end they're both BMW's and both awesome cars
Amen to that. BMW offers a wide range of models to suit a range of tastes. If there was such a thing as the perfect car they would make only one. The 320d.
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