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Originally Posted by Iron Man View Post
+2. WTH?

It may look good, but I hate to see what the weight of this car will be. For all those people who come back with "they will use more HSS, Al, etc. to keep the weight the same". Imagine how much lighter it could have been then if it would have stayed the same in size, instead of growing.

I know they are making room for the 2-series, but still. I call this car a beautiful porker, aka Miss Piggy.
I'm looking forward to seeing the specs (dimensions, weight) too, and to seeing the production version in person. I wonder if the concept just looks much bigger in photographs and with all the add-ons (massive bumpers, etc.). I was just noticing that in the spy shot above of the guy loading the coupe it actually looks fairly compact.

That's one thing I always liked about the 3-series coupes, how compact they were. I know what you mean about making room for the 2-series, but I also would hate to see the 3/4 series just getting bigger and heavier.

I actually think the design of the sedan, f30, is better integrated as a whole.

I'd really like to see an e46/f32 side-by-side comparo in pictures.
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