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HBA Coding UK to EU

Hi All,

First post here and looking for some help with the High Beam Assist coding.

I have RHD Xenon AHL Headlights on my F31, and I am fine with that and the beam they produce. But when I use the car in LHD markets (often) if I attempt to use the HBA assist it predominantly wants to turn on the LHS high beam, which in the UK would light up the pavement/grass on the outside of a road. However, in LHD countries it obviously blinds oncoming traffic and doesn't always switch off due to the central barrier blocking the camera's view on motorways/highways.

What I am trying to get out of this excercise is the ability to tell the car it is in a LHD market, and therefore for the High Beam Assist to work in the same manner as LHD cars (i.e. have the RHS high beam the one that turns on most, and expect traffic to be coming from the left, not the right).

Now, I use bimmer code, and have found the following settings in FEM -> LaMaster1 & LaMaster2

LUT_HBA_CODRV_VERT = F030Codierwert F30/F31/F34/F35 RL
LUT_HBA_DRV_HOR = F030Codierwert F30/F31/F34/F35 RL
LUT_HBA_CODRV_HOR = I001Codierwert I12
C_HBA_ADAPT_SHUT_ENA = I001 Codierwert
LUT_LA_COL_POS_10M_SHUT_CODRV_Y = F045Scheinwerferkontur_Beifahrer_LHTR

But being new to BMW and Bimmercode I am not sure what to do.

I assume RHTR & RL means RHD, so could swapping these settings to their LHTR & LL equivalents work for me or will it just break my car. Furthermore, that last setting already shows LHTR which has confused me.

If anyone is able to help me understand this and give me the ability to switch between RHD & LHD settings easily, using bimmer code, it would be greatly appreciated.

N.B. I have seen a thread somewhere where you can get the setting to appear in IDrive, but from what I recall this only works for LCI cars with LED's.

Thanks in advance

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