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Originally Posted by willeywilson View Post
Sorry all, been meaning to update here for a while. In summary, you don't need any of the coding except this:-
FEM_01 > LaMaster1 3073 > C_BLC_LHRHTRAF_TYPE = F030_Linkslenker

This means your LHS headlight now is the one to sweep out wide into the middle of the road and adjust to a lower position, the preferred main beam is then the RHS and this happily stays on whilst on the motorway, whereas before it preferred to put the LHS main beam on and then have to turn it off every time a car came the other way.

Simpy put, changing C_BLC_LHRHTRAF_TYPE to LH has resolved my issue and means it's only one line of coding to change to put back to UK spec.

IK6SPEED I think you misunderstood the post, I don't want to change the beam pattern, I am well aware the headlights are mechanically different between LHD, RHD & NAS Markets, however changing this one line of code has given me the result I was after - functional High Beam Assist on a UK spec car in LHD markets.

Thanks all

I am bringing my F80 M3 US Spec with LED lights to the UK very soon and I will be there for 3 years. Do you think changing this same line of code to RH will do the trick and allow me to "pass" MOT with correct light aiming? Not looking for full RHD working LED. I just need to pass MOT for three years then convert back to US spec when I move again. Thoughts?
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