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Originally Posted by Drk280 View Post
How did they get it through customs so quick? I was under the impression it took 2 weeks to get through. J1n you getting the free 3 year service they are offering? I got a call today telling me my car was on the ship, they didn't realize I knew the ship was landing in Melbourne on the 6th, they did say they will try to get me in the car before the 31st as to get the 360 deal.
In regards to turning the ASS off, I was advised that doing so will affect the way the computer works out the economy on the car or something like that and was adviced to leave it as is, which I will as it doesn't bother me in any case
I'm so looking forward to it. I've actually started my check list so that I'm not over excited and forget stuff

Well it really took like 5 working days to clear customs and 2 days more to get transported to the dealer as far as I can tell. Another 2 days to rego it and prep.. that should be about right 10 working days. But having said that I guess it also depends what sort of resource the dealer has to get all these done in the timeframe you require.

This time around I found myself keep having to inform the dealer of the status of my vehicle. He didn't even know it was arriving today until I rang and got him to look it up.

I wont be getting the 3 years service free , I think thats because Im on some corporate plan thing which has a 4 year service free/60k's