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An Addiction That Cannot Be Satiated....

I am addicted to eBoost and not ashamed to admit it. I have never owned a car so powerful. I'm out of the break-in period and seek opportunities to fully experience eBoost. The other night in second gear, I floored the car and watched how long the car remained in eBoost mode. On dry and smooth blacktop, the thrust was so powerful that the rear wheels spun during the 2nd to third shift.

I have yet been able to stay in eBoost well before my courage escapes me. I've always wanted a car that could be frighteningly quick. I think I need some track time to fully experience the limits of this car

Does anyone have experience driving a car with overwhelming midrange performance?

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It really is, as you said, 328i fuel efficiency with 335i performance (or even a bit beyond that thanks to the torquey personality eBOOST gives you). Plus as mentioned before, a heavy duty starter motor that i