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Originally Posted by CTMike View Post
Dropped it off at the dealer today to get the CEL and Incorrect Fluid error looked at. The SA was like yeah we have to confirm but my hunch is the NOx sensor... I was like yeah me too lol.

Thanks all. Really enjoyed that KermaTDI tune too before the dealer MIB flashy thingied it fixing other issues. Speaking of which, I have that programming box that came with it... is it of use to anyone? Welcome to it. Along with a big ol bottle of BlueDEF lol. For that matter if anyone wants a 2015 F31 328d with 60k miles and all of the above addressed by the dealer let me know too.

New Genesis GV70 looks really nice but leaning X3 for now.
Was your car built on the Monday after Oktoberfest by any chance?
They're really a lot more reliable than this.

The Qpro is locked to your car, so it's not terribly useful, unless that dealer wants it

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