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Originally Posted by boltjames View Post

People who want to contribute to the economy of South Africa.

Why else would you buy a $50,000 German luxury car that wasn't made in Germany?

OK BJ , we get it, you're jealous of anyone who has a 335. But I don't get this constant harping on a car being made in Africa. The car was designed by BMW engineers(and believe it or not they aren't all German), its made at a BMW plant and everyone there is trained and goes through the same process any worker in the German plants goes through and in the end the car is still scrutinized for the same BMW quality control.So is there any reason you have so much hate for cars built in Africa? Are the #'s that show there are more problems with a BMW that was built in a different country? I'm serious .I'd really like to know. We live in a global economy. I have a pair of jeans that were made in the US but the denim was made Mexico. Does that mean they are junk because they were stitched in the US or junk cuz the denim was made in Mexico?