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Non-staggered winters on staggered factory setup

Forgive me for my utter lack of wheel knowledge, but I'm about to order my 335xi and will be finally purchasing a dedicated set of winter wheels and tires.

My CA informed me that the 18" Performance tire setup comes with a staggered config (18x8/18x8.5) whereas the 18' all-seasons come as a square config.

So I plan on getting the 18" performace tires and am now looking on TireRack for winters. I've decided that it makes little sense to go with a staggered winter config, but I'd like to make sure that a square setup of 4 18x8" wheels/tires woudl work on my 335 that comes delivered with a staggered setup.

I'm guesisng it will, but why rely on best guess when you belong to an amazing Bimmer hive-mind community.