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Car: F20, N55, PWG, Pure Stage2

So...after 30 revisions from both a custom tune and the BETA-OTS I still dont have a car that is running right with the Pure Stage2 hvis is frustrating me quite a lot to be honest

So, I was very surprised when I logged Stage0 and saw how well it controls the turbo. How the $#%@ is that possible? What secret sauce does BMW have in their tune that all the brightest MHD tuners has not discovered yet? I am sure the tuners are trying hard, but 30 revisions...

I have asked this question many times before and will try again: Has anyone had a big turbo PWG tuned sucesfully? If so please shoot me a PM, thanks.
that's your WGDC right? I'm not sure if this would be related or the cause.. but was your wastegate set or checked when you did your PS2 install?

It has been adjusted to be fully closed at 7inHG
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