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Why, oh why, BMW are you messing my car's performance?

I had my car in for service last week -- the hood wouldn't close completely.

While in the shop, the dealer applied a SIB that re-programmed the car. I don't mind the fact that my customizations (weather band, actual tire temp/pressure display, unlock doors with ignition off, etc.) along with most of my custom settings in iDrive were wiped. They're easy to reapply.

And I guess it's nice to have the "speaker head" with the spoken command appear along the top of the control screen when using voice control that this re-programming added.

But what I really wish BMW would STOP doing is messing with power delivery and accelerator mapping. Others who've had these "mandatory" or "recall" SIBs applied have complained of "less power." Well, all 300 horses are still there. You just have to re-learn where they are in the pedal travel in Comfort, Sport and Sport+ modes. The does of sedative applied to Eco Pro makes it more numb than ever. I wonder if this is some kind of reaction to the EPA mileage numbers, which BMW had to restate for the 328i in MY12.

Whatever it is, I wish BMW would stop messing with the power delivery in my car. If it wants to add features, even stuff as minor as the visual confirmation of spoken commands on the control screen, that's OK. But changing the way the car drives should be off-limits.
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