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Originally Posted by shivaswrath View Post
i'd be interested too...annoying that the dealer can't get that done.
I code my own car, but am not willing to take the responsibility of coding anyone else's.

I have suggested, however, to people in the Boston BMWCCA that we should have a coding group, which I'd be happy to participate in.

That has met with deafening silence. I love the BMWCCA -- and believe everyone here should belong. But the club is focused on older cars and neo-Luddites hold sway.

So, if you are in New England and you want to learn how to code your F30, go to the club website ( or Facebook page ( and make a comment to that effect. Maybe that'll make a difference. The club is always talking about ways to attract new members. Seems to me a coding SIG would bring in a few F10/F30 newbies.

Some of the features I've enabled in my F30 are just awesome and useful, especially actual tire pressure/temperature and weather band. I would love my car a little less if I didn't have these things now. And I'll bet a bunch more people would like these things, too.

Coding has been proven to be "safe and effective" for F30 owners. I think the best way to spread the news is via the BMW CCA.

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