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Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
Why? Do really think it's vibrating 10 inches back and forth?

You're going to see the video and say to yourself "I don't see it. It's not vibrating." But I'd bet you'd notice it if you were sitting in that seat with your hands on the wheel. It's a vibration. It's not a UFO.
Everybody's definition of vibration is going to be different. For those of us who don't have a problem, it is helpful to put other people's issues into context. Like diagnosing a "strange noise" or "rattle" or other highly subjective problems, it is helpful to see the issue first hand.

Plus if somebody is serious about dealing with BMW about the problem, they take all of the videos, shot with different cars in different places, and send them to BMW. That is proof that the issue is not an individual owner or vehicle, but is more broad.

If it is so subtle it won't show in a video, try taking a half full bottle of water with the label removed, and hold it against the wheel. The water will show the vibration.