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Originally Posted by martinf79 View Post
Are you kidding me? I really try to hold back my comments on here (especially when I disagree), but are you trying to say that you went w/ the sport over M Sport because of the Blue Key Fob???

Considering the key is in your pocket and actually has very little to do w/ th car ... if anything???? I'm sorry ... this post just won the award for one of the dumbest comments of the year (at least for me). I've just printed it out and hung it on my mantle .. framed and all.

Makes a lot of sense (especially since you have a nice shinny RED ONE!)???

I never said I didn't buy for that reason, I actually bought before there was even a choice for an M-Sport. I was just trying to stir up conversation about the subject because I actually do have a co-worker who just picked up his 335i today and that was really one of his reasons for choosing sport line, to get the red key FOB that matched the red line on the dash and the red stitching. I thought it was anal, but not "dumb", especially after some of the BS you see on here. Glad I could humor/rouse you up to post. Enjoy your blue FOB.