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Originally Posted by sleedawg View Post
Is it worth the MSRP? Yes. Is it worth upgrading... that's really hard. I think it's going to be even harder for you as you have a N54.

The best way to equate this is to think of going out with an awesome girl and then braking up with her to date her younger more nubile sister. Everything seems really familiar/same genes/features but there are subtle differences. Some things are nice because they're "newer" and some might see it as an upgrade but there are some trade offs on things you'll remember you liked more with the older sister. I say this in jest, but that's the best analogy I can come up with.

Me personally... I returned my 2009 e90 328i lease for a 2012 f30 328i. Not apples to apples to your situation, but I'll give you my notes. The f30... it's all new and exciting, everything is tighter, and it smells nice (playing on the analogy from before). But honestly, I miss the smoothness of the inline-6, but the four-banger may be rougher but has some nice tricks that give you a grin a lot faster. I don't like that when I start up the f30, I end up having to press some extra buttons before I get goin (start/stop and sport mode) that I didn't have do with the e90 every morning. The f30's electric power steering is something I've come used to and in slow parking lots, it's easier to deal with, but I miss the feeling of the e90's hydraulic setup sometimes. Analogy here... implants?! They do the same thing functionally. They both are spectacular. Just one feels a bit more natural. My f30 seems to rotate and respond to driver input better/faster, but I was never that unhappy with the e90 either. All in all... do I miss my e90? Occassionally. Am I unsatisfied with the f30? No.

Now my wife's 2011 e90 N55 335i? Would I trade for a f30 335i? I'd probably stay with what I have. The new f30 has better brakes and is the new face on the block, but I'm completely satisfied with the e90 335i. Now there's rumors (stress rumors) that the f30 335i is hitting the gym and get a fair bit more horsepower very soon. If that's true, I may have to take her out for a ride again.

Good luck. As I said, it's gonna be really hard considering you have the N54. Let us know what you end up doing. Cheers.

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