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Just saw something a little funny last night.

I was watching an older Top Gear and they had the older GT500 on the show. They mentioned it had 500 horsepower and could do 0-60 in 4.9s. I'll assume, based on wikipedia that it was the 2007-2009 model. A quick google search confirms the car will do ~4.5s, with a few claiming 4 seconds flat and some claiming 4.9s.

At the time I faintly remembered reading the 335i could do a 4.9s 0-60 time and had to confirm. Wow... I'm surprised to say the least. I guess that extra 200hp is pretty much wasted in the GT500, which is really sad.

It also reminded me of the silly AMG models that have a ton of horsepower, but can never seem to put it down. When Top Gear raced the C63 and the M3, the AMG had a lot of issues actually using its power and lost because of that.

Anyways... carry on.