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Originally Posted by Squintstream View Post
I'm in the same boat and want a bit more noise to come from my 435i

I saw a thread over on the FB group and this made me message Harry Fairbairn. They're wanting £780 with Chrome tips for the MPE or £925 with Carbon Tips.

So considerably cheaper than the prices you're seeing on eBay (excluding tips)!
Thatís a good price, I realistically shouldíve taken an offer of £732 December time from (I believe) Bluebell Crewe, but I wasnít home for a few weeks due to work commitments abroad.

Chased up again but got a price of £900 lol.

Iíve actually gone for one of the above recommendations @ PCW, no availability until July but other x35i engines do sound good. Better than what Iíve heard from the MPE alone.

I cannot justify such a cost of the tips! Iím actually going to post a guide on the recent 4Ē carbon burner titanium tips I fitted. Everything I wanted aesthetically!

Cost was less than 1/3 of the price of one MPE carbon tip!

Do need to loosen the bolt and push them in a little further..

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