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Originally Posted by bananachipz View Post
I've never heard of needing 3 coats of opti-coat.. Sounds like he's making up for the loss of business of you showing up every few months for a polish and wax

As far as the clear coat comments, I believe it's the best way to describe it vs. a wax or sealant to differentiate it to the average shmuck (rightly or wrongly). It apparently (I'm no chemist) bonds more tightly. This (again apparently) results in a *virtually* permanent layer. Yes, the word "permanent" is loaded, but the longest test I've seen has been 3 years - coupled with the fact that the only way to remove it is to compound it off.
Yep. I still think the only way to describe it is as a sealant.

Originally Posted by Dabaitu View Post
Why so tetchy, Raj?
Not tetchy, just entitled to an opinion on this open forum
I'm not saying OptiCoat is a bad product at all, just confused about why multi-layers are applied.